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Boat Tote: Jon Boat Fishing Organizer

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The Boat Tote is an innovative all-in-one rod, tool, tackle, and personal gear holder that clamps to the gunnel of your boat and provides a rod holder, tool holder, beverage holder, gear holder, and a platform for other products such as fish finders, GPS, or other devices to mount to.

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  • Boat Tote
  • Rod Holder
  • Tool Holder + Arm
  • Instruction Manual


  • Model #: BTR-701
  • Dimensions: L 14" x W 14" x H 9.1"
  • Weight: 10.12 lbs (4.66 kg)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 6061-aluminum alloy body that is powder coated black with a light sand texture
  • Includes: Beverage and cell phone holders on the machined HDPE top
  • EVA rubber protectors on the gunnel channel
  • EVA rubber pads for easy hook and lure storage
  • Moulded PE rod and tool holders
  • All stainless-steel fasteners and thumbscrews with ergonomically friendly moulded knobs
  • PU feet
  • 1 removable shelf 
  • 1 sliding shelf underneath to allow for levelling during deployment
  • Moulded PE rod and tool holder arms can be removed and placed on either side of the Boat Tote, depending on which side you wish your rod holder to be on relative to the side of the boat you are fishing from
  • 1⁄4” x 20 NC stainless-steel thumbscrews with moulded PE knobs for attaching rod and tool arms and other devices, making it easy to source extra hardware if necessary
  • 1⁄2” x 13 NC stainless-steel jack screw with moulded PE knob for the main clamp, making it extraordinarily strong and fast to deploy
  • Self-centering foot on jack screw with moulded PE protector will not scratch your boat
  • EVA pads on each side for hook and lure holding for fast access to your gear
  • Moulded EVA rubber weatherstripping to protect your boat against scratching from the Boat Tote
  • Levelling shelf underneath unit – simply place the Boat Tote over your gunnel, slide the shelf underneath until the Boat Tote sits level, and tighten the jack screw
  • Levelling shelf allows the unit to fit virtually any style of gunnel from canoes to johnboats to cartoppers and everything in between, as long as the width of the gunnel is 2.75” or less
  • Shelf can be removed to allow for larger items to be stored in the bottom.
  • Extra 1⁄4” x 20 NC threaded inserts are installed in the front of the Boat Tote to allow people to customize their units and mount other devices such as fish finders, GPS units, or other electronics as well as
         spare leader spools and extra line
  • HDPE top can be easily drilled and more devices mounted to the top using bolts, washers, and nuts (not provided)
  • Many people take their Boat Totes with them in side-by-side rides or even in their vehicles as a handy place to keep your personal effects organized





Boat Tote Technical Drawings with Dimensions



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Learn More About the Boat Tote Fishing Organizer

Fishing by boat offers anglers several advantages but also some challenges. One such challenge is keeping all your gear together in an organized and easy to access manner. If you can’t stay organized, fishing is made harder and less enjoyable because you have to spend time looking for the right equipment; you might even miss out on a catch if your rod and other equipment are not at hand.

Enter the Boat Tote – the all in one organizer made from innovative, patented technology. The Boat Tote is a new concept that has no separate units, making it easy to set up and use. There is also no need to drill into your boat, avoiding damage and unwelcome holes that might otherwise let in water and lower your boat's value. In addition, the Boat Tote’s adjustable bracket allows it to clamp easily onto the gunnel of smaller boats, making it easy and convenient to use.

What’s the Best Way to Use the Boat Tote

The Boat Tote is ideal for fishing in small boats with limited space to keep your gear available and organized. The product makes it easy for you to keep your tackle and even your beverages in a single place, helping to keep everything tidy and within easy reach.

If you have tackle or other tools that you often use when fishing, the Boat Tote will help make sure that you can keep everything you need close at hand.

What is The Boat Tote Made From?

The Boat Tote is made from high-quality materials that make it an ideal solution for use in boats.

Aluminum Base

The Boat Tote’s aluminum base is constructed with aluminum, making it light and robust. The base is finished in a black powder coat in a light sand texture that protects against corrosion.

Machined HDPE Top

The top of the Boat Tote is made from machined High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This high-quality, durable material is light yet strong, making it an ideal solution for boats.

Moulded PE Rod Holder and Tool Holder Arms

The Boat Tote’s rod holder and tool holder arms are made from moulded Polyethylene (PE), making them light, strong, and durable.

Benefits of Using the Boat Tote

With the Boat Tote, you can keep everything you need in one location. So easy to organize, you will know where everything is, and you will have no difficulty grabbing your rod or other items when you need them.

1. Avoid Tackle Spillages

It can be easy to knock over your tackle box in a confined space, causing the contents to spill out. The Boat Tote keeps your tackle in a secure and convenient place, helping to ensure that spillages don’t happen.

2. No Drilling Required

Many similar products, such as drink holders, require drilling into the boat so you can fix the product in place. The Boat Tote requires no drilling, keeping the boat intact and avoiding holes that could cause leaking.

Rod holders are also often installed by drilling through the boat to mount the holder. However, thanks to Boat Tote’s built-in rod holder, drilling is also now not required to have a rod holder installed on your boat.

3. Have Your Tools in One Place

If your tackle and tools are strewn around your boat, it can be challenging to find what you need. However, with the Boat Tote, the tools that you use often will be easy to find.

4. Easy Electronics Removal

If you use electronics like fish finders and GPS, etc., removing them once finished could be difficult. With the Boat Tote, you can now remove your electronics with a twist of a jackscrew, making it easier for you to remove your electronics for safe storage.

5. Transfer Your Tackle Easily

Even when your rod, tackle, and other tools are still in place, you can easily remove the Boat Tote. Being able to remove your Boat Tote easily makes it simple for you to remove your equipment when you’ve finished, or even move it to another boat instead.

Jon Boat Tackle Storage

Fishing tackle can mean a wide range of items, such as hooks, lures, plugs, swivels, quick connects, weights, lines, trolls, and so on. Anglers often use these items, and easy access to them is needed when setting up a road before casting.

Catching fish involves using the correct tackle, among other things, and anglers will often need to change tactics during a session. If you can’t find the appropriate tackle, then you’re going to struggle to catch anything. Conversely, if you have what you need readily available, your chances of making a catch improve significantly.

What Makes Good Tackle Storage?

When fishing, anglers will need easy access to their gear, and good tackle storage should offer just that. Plenty of compartments are also required to help separate different types of tackle from each other. Tackle storage should also be simple to remove and place back into position, making it easy to store your tackle in a secure place when it’s not being used.

With the Boat Tote, you can have all the tackle that you need in a convenient and easy to reach place. Finding what you need is made easy for you, making you better prepared for a successful day on the water. With no need to have separate tackle boxes, rod and tool holders, and beverage holders, etc., the Boat Tote means you can have all that you need available in a neat, tight package.

Jon Boat Rod Holder

The Boat Tote comes with its own built-in rod holder. Rod holders are necessary because anglers need somewhere to keep the rod nearby when they need their hands free for something else. In addition to convenience, a rod holder also helps to keep your rod safe from damage.

What Makes a Good Rod Holder?

A good rod holder needs to be strong and held firmly in place when a fish strikes; while it should also be easy to grab the rod quickly when needed.

The Boat Tote makes a great solution because it holds your rod firmly in place while also keeping your rod readily accessible. The product sits above the gunnel and sits above it, which can be problematic with some solutions because items sitting above the gunnel are prone to damage when the boat is being stored or moved upside down. However, the Boat Tote is easily removable, helping to prevent damage to the product.

Which Types of Boat is the Boat Tote Suitable For?

The Boat Tote is best suited for smaller fishing boats, with a gunnel that the product can attach to being the only installation requirement. However, there are some boats in particular that the Boat Tote is particularly useful for.

Jon Boats

The Boat Tote is best suited for use on the popular Jon boat. Small, light, and simple yet made from durable materials, Jon boats are also among the most affordable fishing boats. In addition, Jon boats have a flat front and bottom which, when combined with their small size, make them suitable for fishing on lakes and rivers that are difficult to access.

Bass Boats

Bass boats are made specifically for fishing. Packed full of useful features for anglers, bass boats also tend to be one of the more expensive options. Their specialist nature makes them ideal for serious anglers with a generous budget, but not so much for casual anglers with less to spend. Bass boats can also be harder to operate than some other types of fishing boats.


Kayaks are a type of closed-in canoe that uses a double-ended paddle. Using kayaks for fishing is a relatively recent trend, with the small size making a kayak suitable for hard to reach lakes and rivers. Space is very limited, making the Boat Tote an ideal addition, especially considering no drilling is necessary. Stability is another potential drawback of using a Kayak.

Car Topper Boats

Car topper boats are another relatively affordable option, albeit not as affordable as a Jon boat. These boats are built in a V-shape and are designed to be carried on the roof rack of a car or truck. Their lightweight nature means that car-topper boats can easily be carried from your vehicle to the water without having to use a boat launch, while they can also be fitted with wheels. Their small size means car topper boats are suitable for calm water only.


How Do You Store Boat Tackle?

Tackle is typically stored in small boxes, cup holders, and rod holders, etc. Tackle storage options will sometimes be attached directly to the boat or left loose in the boat.

Can You Add Storage to a Boat?

Storage can usually be added to a boat, but it’s usually necessary for the storage to be removed when the boat is being stored or transported.

How to Maximize Storage Space on a Boat?

One way to maximize storage on a boat is to use the Boat Tote. The Boat Tote helps to keep everything in one place and is conveniently attached to the gunnel. The product is also easy to remove and put back into place again as needed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charles Fischer
Great tool.

I use it on both my small boat and canoe. Keeps everything I need to fish handy.

Mike Wilson
Boat Tote is awesome!

I got tired of having my wallet, drinks, cigarettes, food rolling around the floor of the boat and started looking for an alternative. Boat Tote solves all those issues. Great little unit. Fits perfect! A must have for any fisherman with a small boat.

Larry Ludwig
Fishing Buddy

I have enjoyed my boat tote. Well made and designed.

Cindy DeLeon
great gift

I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. easy to take on and off boat, it holds so much stuff! go buy it now, you won't regret it