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With the pristine back country of British Columbia, Canada as a creative backdrop for inspiration – an idea in form and function emerged. It was difficult to admire the serene landscape when disrupted by the clutter in an aluminum boat. Items such as a cell phone, fish finder, rods, reels, tackle, water bottle and tools were scattered around the boat in a chaotic jumble. A simple but comprehensive storage and organization solution was required, and a concept began to take form.

The first prototypes were forged from plywood and machine screws in a little backyard workshop in Princeton, BC. A boat was soon adorned with a portable, attachable, multi-function tote with an adjustable bracket which utilized the gunnel of the boat as the fastening point. Soon people began to ask where they could get one too and the workshop quickly evolved into a small-scale commercial enterprise where Boat Tote was born.

This inventive creation was then introduced to the broader marketplace through digital media and high demand quickly outstripped production capacity. An experienced manufacturing group was approached, an extensive collaborative process ensued, and a scaled manufacturing solution was delivered.

Boat Tote is inspired by an authentic love of the great outdoors, by those who truly understand the unique boating, fishing, and hunting needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. We are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative, and efficient storage solutions by merging a passion for nature into practical applications.