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About Boat Tote


Fishing From a small aluminum boat or canoe? Tired of spilling your beverage and stepping on your gear? Need somewhere convenient to hold your rod and tackle box?

The Boat Tote is designed to be easily and quickly dropped onto the gunnel in virtually any desired location. Simply place it within reach of a location that is comfortable for you and secure the clamp.

This product is solid HDPE plastic, super sturdy and it even floats!

Place your beverage(s) in our unique multi-beverage holder, located at the top of your tote. Our rod holder is designed to accommodate the most commonly available spin cast and fly rods. Simply insert from the "water side" and allow reel stem to drop into the notch provided for a trusting secure gravity held rod placement.  Or if using a spin cast, simply insert the rod handle for quick rod extraction while trolling.

Our many models also include Foam Pads for quick and easy access to lures and Flies, simply hook them in the foam!

The Boat Tote neatly provides compartments for storage of:

Small tackle boxes, extra reels, batteries to power your fish finder, Bluetooth speakers, knives, pliers and so much more!

Another great feature of our product is that it provides a sturdy platform to mount accesories to!

Try attaching your fish finder, other rod holders and a Go-Pro camera to the top or sides of the unit! This is easily done by drilling holes and securing in your desired location. NO MORE permanently drilling things to your boat in fixed locations! NO MORE damage to your boat hull. Drill your accessories to your tote and locate your tote wherever you like!

The Boat Tote can also be used for onshore fishing, ice fishing and as an improvised seat! It can be mounted to the guard rail in a man-lift in a construction situation or on the rail of your deck or balcony....the possibilities are endless!

We also have a full "expanding" Tote which can be mounted to virtually any horizontal structure up to 9" wide and will fit most boats. Stay tuned for more on this exciting "One Tote - Any Boat" model, in the future.

We hope you enjoy your new Boat Tote and know that it will no doubt make your life easier!

"I love my Boat Tote" - John H. Ontario.

"Rarely to you buy a product that will outlast you and can take anything you can throw at it" - Jason L. British Columbia

"Best $100 I have ever spent on fishing gear" Karl T. California


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